Satyendranath Tagore Civil Services Study Centre (SNTCSSC)


Accessibility of Library Resources

The Centre has a well-equipped library with books, periodicals and materials prepared specifically for CSE purposes. Facilities are open to students from morning till late hours of the night.


Free Hostel Accommodation

SNTCSSC provides free hostel accommodation to deserving boys and girls on selective basis.


Get Free WiFi access when you need it.

Free Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

Considering the increasing requirement and importance of the Internet in the field of education, the Institute provides a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus. This provides students with an access to high-speed Internet connectivity within the campus, thus making classes more effective and advanced. The faculty, students, and staff can access the IT resources and content from anywhere and at any time in the campus.

Well-equipped Classrooms


Classroom of Section A


Classroom of Section B

Well-equipped classrooms are essential for any institution to provide a conducive learning environment for students. Such classrooms offer a modern and technology-driven learning environment, which is essential for students preparing for the competitive civil services exams.

  • The classrooms have comfortable seating arrangements, proper lighting, ventilation, and temperature control, necessary for a comfortable learning experience.
  • The available smart boards in the classrooms provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for the students. The smart boards allow the faculty members to present content in a visually appealing manner and engage students in active learning by incorporating various teaching strategies and techniques to suit the learning styles of different students.
  • Audio-visual aids like projectors, screens, and speakers are available for interactive and engaging lectures.
  • The classrooms have a dedicated computer for the faculty to access digital study material and multimedia resources.
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep of the classroom equipment is done to ensure smooth functioning.