Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for appearing for UPSC CSE?
    Any Indian Citizen who has a graduation degree can apply. For details of eligibility criteria you can follow the UPSC CSE Notification in the link below: http://www.csscwb.in/pdf/Notification.pdf

  2. What is the Syllabus for UPSC CSE?
  3. For syllabus please follow the link below: http://www.csscwb.in/pdf/syllabusUPSC.pdf

  4. Am I capable of cracking the UPSC CSE?
  5. If you have above average level of competence in graduation/post graduation and you are sincere and capable of pursuing a goal with determination and grit over a period of time you can consider yourself capable enough to crack the UPSC CSE.

  6. How does SNTCSSC provide help in preparation?
  7. SNTCSSC provides intensive coaching for both UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains. All subjects in the syllabi are covered comprehensively and regular class assessments are taken for both MCQ based (for Prelims) and Long Answer Type Questions (for Mains). Prelims Mock Test and Mains Mock Test Series are conducted before the UPSC CSE Prelims and UPSC CSE Mains respectively. Mock Interview sessions are conducted for the students who clear the mains. Apart from the regular course the SNTCSSC is also conducting Crash Courses for both Prelims and Mains in the online mode during this pandemic situation.

  8. How will I be eligible to enroll myself?
  9. The admission notification is published on our website as well as in major newspapers. Admission test is conducted subsequently. The admission test is based on the UPSC CSE Prelims syllabus. Previous years’ admission test question paper can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.csscwb.in/admission.html

    However the admission test procedure may change if the Centre so decides. The procedure for the test will be notified in details once the admission notification is published.

  10. What is fee structure at SNTCSSC?
  11. The fees for the courses are highly subsidised by the Govt. of West Bengal. The fee structure varies according to the courses offered. For example:
    • In the regular course for the 2020 batch the fee was Rs. 1000 per month (Rs. 500 per month for the reserved category candidates)
    • In the 8 weeks Prelims Crash Course & Mock Test Series conducted in July-September 2021 the fees for the entire course including mock tests was Rs. 1000/- (free for reserved category candidates).
    The above two cases are indicative of the subsidised fee structure of the Centre. However, fees for the ensuing courses will be decided in due course.

  12. Is there any special concession for SC/ST/OBC/PWBD?
  13. Yes. See response to question no. 6.

  14. Are the study materials provided here available in Bengali as well?
  15. SNTCSSC is making efforts to develop materials in Bengali so that students who want to write the UPSC CSE in Bengali can benefit from these materials in due course.

  16. What is the number of seats available for admission in regular course based on Admission Test?
  17. In the last course which was conducted physically 200 students were inducted. Subject to the availability of meritorious students, logistics etc. the intake can be increased. This number increases considerably for the online sessions.

  18. Can we avail Prelims/mains/Mock interview course separately without going for a composite programme?
  19. Yes. We conduct crash courses for Prelims and Mains separately. That can be availed.

  20. Can we avail Mock Interview Sessions even if we have not taken the Prelims/Mains Course?
  21. Yes, the centre provides guidance for personality test to students who have cleared UPSC CSE Mains and conducts mock interviews with Domain Experts and All India Services Officers as Panel Members.

  22. Are there dedicated sessions for Optional Classes? Please help/guide us/counsel us with regard to choosing the right Optional paper.
  23. Yes. The Centre makes every effort to provide guidance on the following subjects :
    1. History
    2. Political Science & IR
    3. Geography
    4. Sociology
    5. Psychology
    6. Economics
    7. Anthropology
    8. Bengali Literature etc.

  24. Does SNTCSSC conduct special/dedicated classes for other Central Services Examinations as well? What is the mode of admission for that?
  25. No guidance is provided other than for UPSC CSE as of now.

  26. Is there any scope for WBCS exam aspirants to get any help in their preparation from SNTCSSC?
  27. No. This Centre is strictly meant for providing coaching for UPSC CSE.

  28. Which is the approximate month when admission notification for Regular Courses is out?
  29. For courses of 2023, the notification will come in the month of February-March 2022.

  30. Can you provide a valid contact number which is attended for clarifying doubts regarding any particular notification?
  31. Landline: (033) 2341 0119/(033) 2341 0123/(033) 2341 0109
    Mobile: +91 90518 29290